Human Development

What is a Human?

We define a human by that which a human essentially is. Humans (like everything else in existence) are interactions of the universe happening here and now.

For example, a wave is an interaction of the ocean AND it IS the ocean, the ocean is an interaction of planet earth and also the earth, the earth is an interaction of the solar system and also the solar system, and so on, until we reach the Universe.

In the same fashion, a nail is an interaction of your body and it is also your body, your nail is you, because you are defined by all of you (nails included).

We can say that humans (just like everything else in this planet) are an interaction of the planet AND we are also the planet, the solar system, the milky way galaxy, the constellation and the universe.

In conclusion, we say that a Human is, essentially, an interaction of the Universe and is also the Universe expressing itself in the form of a Human here and now.

What is Human Development?

By human development I mean, a process in which steps are taken by a Human in order to act and think 'more Human'.

What do you mean by 'more Human'?

To be more Human means to express ourselves as what we continuously are here and now per the flow of the Universe. I believe there is a flow (think of it as a compass leading the way) expressed by the Universe that leads to ourselves living optimally as who we fundamentally are.

Now, I believe part of this flow is the same for everyone (i.e. we all are meant to breathe), but another part of it is unique (i.e. some of us prefer to become runners, other engineers, warriors, doctors, soldiers, priests, etcetera).

I will call this flow the universal flow. If one deviates from his or her universal flow then one will cause others (humans, trees, mountains, stars, etc) to also deviate in some way from their universal flow.

How do I become 'more Human'?

To ask this question is to ask: What is my universal flow? I don't think there is a way to express that using words, let me explain why.

Why we can't express any concept of 'Universal' meaning

I will pick a question I care about: What is the essential substance of all things? (but you could just as well pick any other question that tries to explain any aspect of the universe)

I could answer: The essential substance of all things are atoms.

I could ask: Well, atoms are things what is the essential substance of atoms?

I could answer: Well, atoms are made up of electrons, neutrons and protons.

I could ask again: Well electrons, neutrons and protons are things, what is the essential substance of those?

I could answer: Well, those are made up of quarks. Aha!

I could ask again: Well, quarks are also things, what is the essential substance of quarks?

I have no answer for this, but assuming the answer was X, I could repeat the question again, for whatever X is infinitely, this is a known paradox established by Socrates.

There is hope, however, because we can tell if the answer to those continuous questions comes closer (whether it is proven by science or not) to the universal flow, any and all progress of science is due to a Human perceiving the universal flow and then proceeding to prove it via the scientific method, not the other way around.

The scientific method is not a discovery tool, it is a proving tool, it alone discovers nothing, as it proves only base on what we already know, but when trying to discover something new, it is useless, specially if the discovery is several leaps ahead of the current body of knowledge.

Curiously, to limit ourselves to discover only via the scientific method, is to limit our advancement of knowledge and science. For example, the scientific method is ineffective in helping us understand how the brain works, precisely because we know very little of our brain with scientific rigor, relative to the entirety of its complexity.

If we were to only use what "has been proven by science" to try to address our problems sourced in the mind, then each time a person would have behavioral problems, we would do nothing about it, because no solution has been proven via the rigor of the scientific method (now, that would be crazy!).

This point I just mentioned was brought up by Robert M. Pirsig in his book "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance: An inquiry into values".

Back to the original question, "How do I become more Human?"

It is my believe that the answer to 'what is my Universal flow' cannot be described in words because the answer does not obey our current body of knowledge, language and system of thought. It transcends them, it is of a higher order that our limited expression capabilities cannot convey directly.

So this is where it gets tricky. I believe, we are in touch with the universal flow and we know when a given action or thought is in harmony with it and when it is not, but we have to trust our non-scientific personal knowledge of the Universe. We are an expression of the Universe in the form of a Human here and now, so we ought to now!

So how do I listen to my personal knowledge of the Universe?

It may be different for everyone, but in my case, I had a feeling that there was something missing in how I perceived all of my experiences. As a quick example, every time I saw the ocean, I perceived nothing other than colors and shapes waving up and down without any meaning, interacting with the moon as a habitat for meaningless living beings. I could not perceive its grandness, how me, the ocean, the moon and sea life are connected, how we are all essentially the same entity, the Universe.

It was this feeling of disconnection and emptiness, that made me want to know more about what consciousness means. So I read philosophy, mainly influenced by 3 philosophers: Socrates, Alan Watts and Robert M. Pirsig; and the two latter were themselves influenced by Buddhism, Taoism, Hinduism and Zen.

What I finally learned is that we can feel if an action or thought is in harmony with the flow of the universe, and many times this means ignoring what our logical thoughts would tell us to do. The important thing is to remember that logic SERVES our perception of the Universe, not the other way around. Sometimes dialectical logic gets in the way of identifying the flow the universe, sometimes they are the same.

Don't use our system of symbols, calculation and logic, and then proceed to say that those are the Universe itself. They are mere models of the real thing: The Universe. To think we can faithfully represent the Universe with symbols is a grave mistake.

I don't know of any specific set of instructions or methods to feel if something is in harmony with the Universe or not, it is something we already know, but we have to stop ourselves from deviating from it. We get in the way of ourselves.

As an example, what are the instructions or the methods you use to determine if you like a certain song or if a joke is funny or not? None, you just know. In the same way that we don't need and can't be taught how to love a person or how to laugh at a joke, we don't need and can't be taught how to act and think harmoniously, we already know.

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