Human Development

What is a Human?

We define a human by that which a human essentially is. Humans (like everything else in existence) are interactions of the universe happening here and now.

For example, a wave is an interaction of the ocean and it is the ocean, the ocean is an interaction of planet earth and also the earth, the earth is an interaction of the solar system and also the solar system, and so on, until we reach the Universe.

In the same fashion, a nail is an interaction of your body and it is also your body, your nail is you, because you are defined by all of you (nails included).

We can say that humans (just like everything else in this planet) are an interaction of the planet and we are also the planet, the solar system, the milky way galaxy, the constellation and the Universe.

In conclusion, we say that a Human is, essentially, an interaction of the Universe and is also the Universe itself expressing in the form of a Human.

What is Human Development?

By human development I mean, a process in which steps are taken by a Human in order to achieve and increase one's potential in all dimensions of Human Quality, thereby expressing a higher form of Quality.

What do I mean by all dimensions of Human Quality?

I mean all the observable dimensions (discovered and yet to be discovered) that Human Beings manifest via the phenomenon of Quality.

I believe we can perceive what actions and ideas have higher Quality but not with perfect accuracy, thinks of it as a compass leading the way.

Now, I believe part of this compass is the same for everyone (i.e. we all are meant to breathe), but another part of it is personal (i.e. some of us prefer to become runners, other engineers, warriors, doctors, soldiers, priests, etcetera).

I will call this compass the Quality Flow. If one deviates from his or her Quality Flow then oneself or others (humans, trees, mountains, star, etc) will have a diminished ability to manifest and experience higher levels of Quality.

To follow our Quality Flow is to be express and experience higher levels of Quality, to deviate from it is to plateau or diminish the Quality of our expressions and experiences.

How do I realize and increase my Human Potential?

  • By pursuing higher levels of understanding and efficacy in all forms of Human Expression and thereby fulfilling one's potential in all known dimensions of Human Quality.
  • By discovering new dimensions of Human Quality.
  • By achieving higher levels of understanding and efficacy in a known form of Human Expression.

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